Miyakojima Island | DOUG’S BURGER


We introduce one of the most famous burger restaurant in Okinawa area.

Location, Interior, Exterior

It is near Miyakojima airport, but on the opposite side of the airport from the terminal exit of the airport.

The exterior is a fashionable atmosphere that is not Miyako-like.

The interior is a sophisticated atmosphere with a dark brown tone.

There is also a counter seat so you can go alone.

It is nice to see the open kitchen behind the counter seat.

What’s Doug’s burger

You can see the guide placed on the table while waiting.

This is so interesting, so time will soon pass.

The putty uses beef from the neighboring Tarama Island. After baking on an iron plate, it is cooked in the oven.

It is not hard, but elastic, and juicy.

About $20 to $30 as a set.

I want you to give this a try.